Mandala Madness, all the way to part 9

IMG_3294My cunning plan was to take a picture at the end of each section. I appear to have lost part seven and eight’ s pictures, but got some of part nine. If I come across the missing pics will post them as it is so nice to see each part complete.

Love the way this pattern is developing. My choice of colour has, so far been dictated by what is available in my yarn stash and what the previous row was. I suspect that I will have to buy some yarn as the mandala grows. I am determined to try and continue to use this piece as a stash buster. I plan on only buying yarn, when a colour I already own has been chosen, but is running out on a round. Should be interesting to see what my yarn stash looks like when I’m done.IMG_3297



Anyway, as always refer to the written and pictorial pattern. Helen Shrimpton has designed this gorgeous pattern and is sharing it for free ,so please do visit her site for all the information you will need on this pattern and her many others.




Sophie’s Universe parts 13,14,15 and 16

Sophie foldedOh how speedily my Sophie is growing. These last few parts have been very quick. There are several rounds that you can  whizz through without worrying too much. Nice simple stitches in a nice straight line :). This makes for a very relaxing crochet session or two and therefore quite speedy.

A couple of tips from me though. If you are (as I am) a little loose in your crocheting style, be aware that you may need a little more yarn than anticipated.

I also ran out of a couple of colours ahead of schedule as I had stopped following the template guide too. However this pattern positively glows when you improvise a bit (I think!)

What this has meant to me, is that I have had to buy a few more balls of yarn which has increased my cost slightly. Not too much though as using very economic Stylecraft Special DK yarn.

Part 14, be particularly mindful of (if you choose to do this like the pattern and use one colour). That used an entire ball and a bit for me as it was all the same colour. However you could also use whatever combination makes your heart sing 🙂 Experiment, play with your colours, why not 🙂

What I have also done this time around is taken photos of the back of my Sophie. I love how the structure of this piece has developed.

Back of Sophie

reverse sophie

Here are the links that you will need to go to for this pattern.

Part 13 pattern and video

Part 14 pattern and video

Part 15 pattern and video

Part 16 pattern and video






Daisy Baby Blanket in spring rainbow colours with matching booties :)


A very dear friend has recently added a delightfully cute baby girl to the planet. As the little one was due in March I decided to make her a blanket that was inspired in part by spring and in part by a desire to eat ice cream. The colours do look so very ice creamy don’t they 🙂


The pattern for this blanket was found in a book called Boho crochet, here is a link to one shop stocking this but I did find my copy at one of those discount book shops at an outlet centre.


I didn’t follow it exactly ( I tweaked a little as I wanted to do a join as you go approach to adding my squares ) Attic24 has a lovely tutorial for this method that can be found here. Join as you go is a method, that makes granny square blankets in particular come together very very speedily. I cannot recommend it enough for those projects that require you to join many many teeny parts 🙂 I also added a border of double crochet (UK) or single crochet (US) with one row per colour, very pleasing to do and very very touchy feely too. Happy days.


The pattern for these baby tap shoes came from a book called Precious Baby Booties and can be found on Ravelry . They are a paid for pattern book and you can find many free ones but generally I have found the best shoe/bootie patterns have always been paid for.





Sophie’s Universe parts 8 and 9

IMG_2799Well my Sophie keeps growing and growing. It’s now several feet across and a magnificent beast, even if I do say so myself 🙂 Long suffering husband keeps asking me if I’m done yet. Not sure I have the heart to tell him, I’m already planning my next project 🙂 Tee hee 🙂

I have gone a little astray on the original planned colour placement. I was initially following the spreadsheet template that is in the helpful templates section on the lookwhatimade site. I then got carried away with the gorgeous shade of pink that I have been using and well, I am now making it up as I go along 🙂 Thank goodness that this pattern really lends itself to a more lackadaisical approach to colours. If you have a look online for images of Sophie (and there are lots) you will find every possible colour combination including one I found that used just one colour. It looks divine 🙂 Have a look at them all here .


I have found the last few parts have moved quite quickly which has been very pleasing. I think it has also moved quicker as I have got used to the style and approach of the pattern and so it is getting easier to follow too.


One thing I have noticed is that despite me counting up to sometimes as far as 100, it becomes clear on the next round that I stuffed up somewhere along the line. I think I touched on this briefly on my last post but felt it worth repeating. Once I realise I have missed one or added one it is much much easier to add an increase or decrease on the end of a short side rather than attempt to find out where I miscounted. So far it seems to be paying off and hasn’t caused the pattern to look “off” at all.

Hope you like the pictures, one of my cats decided that this was too good an opportunity to miss 🙂



As always go along to the lookwhatimade site for all the details of the written pattern and to it’s all in a nutshell Youtube channel for the video tutorials 🙂







Sophie’s Universe part 6 and 7

12842404_10154069496058487_1021034734_oWell, I am moving swiftly through this pattern and loving every minute of it.

I have so enjoyed making these last few rows but especially the roses right at the very end of the pattern. They look far more complicated than they are and I cannot recommend them enough for sheer pleasure factor.


You are also advised to block your Sophie at this point as it does start to curl up on the edges. I couldn’t find my blocking pins anywhere so improvised on the ironing board and then on the floor. Think it worked fairly well.

Sophie being blocked, sort of!

Links to the pattern video tutorials can be found here and the link to the original written pattern can be found here


Not much more to add as the pattern pages are so full of useful tips and tricks, there is not much more for me to add other than, please, please, please do give this a go. Between the written pattern with really comprehensive pictures and the video tutorials you have all the tools you need to make a truly beautiful thing 🙂





Sophie’s Universe CAL 2015!! only a year late

IMG_2496Looking for a new crochet project online (whatever did we do before the internet!!) I stumbled across Sophie’s Universe CAL 2015. (Yes I know it’s 2016 now!)  Looking through various sites I found Dedri’s wonderful site “lookatwhatimade” which includes the pattern that I have decided to follow and share with you.

Bonus prizes – Dedri is very kindly leaving the pattern up indefinitely and free 🙂 lovely

I love Dedri’s approach, and in fact my blog started out with similar aspirations leaning in the main to baking, but lately has been taken over more and more by my love of making things from string 🙂

The pattern is beautifully written, and I have found it fairly straightforward to follow. The written pattern was all I used for the first three parts but once I got to part four (where I am now) it has got a bit more complicated and this is where I have used the companion tutorials to help me get a visual on what I’m trying to achieve.

These video tutorials are to be found on you tube and here is the link to the first one. These videos have been made by It’s All in a Nutshell Crochet. She has a YouTube site where all the tutorials can be found. They are done very well, nice and clear, straightforward, easy to follow 🙂 Happy days.

I decided to take progress shots as I complete each part so you can see how it shapes up. It’s been lovely to watch it change as each round has been added.

Part one: IMG_2479

Part Two:


Part Three:


The yarn I have been using is Stylecraft DK and my favourite 4.5mm hook. I didn’t take the advice of the pattern author to go down a hook size as I forgot to!! lol, I may very well pay for that later on. The pattern page has lots of suggestions on yarns to use and if you google images for Sophie’s Universe you will find loads of these online to help you choose your colour scheme.

Last but not least Dedri also has a helpful tips page for this. Highly recommend reading this first as opposed to what I did!!!

Hope you enjoy this as much as me, I am so looking forward to seeing how it turns out so I can decide who to give it to!