Mandala Madness, completed, happy days

Well, finally am getting round to posting a few pictures of my completed Mandala. I have so enjoyed this pattern. What a generous designer Helen Shrimpton is 🙂

The links to the pattern as well as all the helpful pictures, links to video tutorials can be found here . The video tutorials from It’s all in a Nutshell were truly invaluable, check out the website for those and many other fab ideas .

Here are a few pictures of my finished piece which has already found a new home. Turns out it was almost impossible to get a shot of this thing without at least one cat on it!!!!

So here she is, my cat approved Mandala.









Sophie’s Universe parts 8 and 9

IMG_2799Well my Sophie keeps growing and growing. It’s now several feet across and a magnificent beast, even if I do say so myself 🙂 Long suffering husband keeps asking me if I’m done yet. Not sure I have the heart to tell him, I’m already planning my next project 🙂 Tee hee 🙂

I have gone a little astray on the original planned colour placement. I was initially following the spreadsheet template that is in the helpful templates section on the lookwhatimade site. I then got carried away with the gorgeous shade of pink that I have been using and well, I am now making it up as I go along 🙂 Thank goodness that this pattern really lends itself to a more lackadaisical approach to colours. If you have a look online for images of Sophie (and there are lots) you will find every possible colour combination including one I found that used just one colour. It looks divine 🙂 Have a look at them all here .


I have found the last few parts have moved quite quickly which has been very pleasing. I think it has also moved quicker as I have got used to the style and approach of the pattern and so it is getting easier to follow too.


One thing I have noticed is that despite me counting up to sometimes as far as 100, it becomes clear on the next round that I stuffed up somewhere along the line. I think I touched on this briefly on my last post but felt it worth repeating. Once I realise I have missed one or added one it is much much easier to add an increase or decrease on the end of a short side rather than attempt to find out where I miscounted. So far it seems to be paying off and hasn’t caused the pattern to look “off” at all.

Hope you like the pictures, one of my cats decided that this was too good an opportunity to miss 🙂



As always go along to the lookwhatimade site for all the details of the written pattern and to it’s all in a nutshell Youtube channel for the video tutorials 🙂







The Mammoth Crochet blanket is finally complete :) woo hoo for me, YAY

AgnesIt took me an absolute age to finish the monster blanket for our spare room (not really spare as used for whichever offspring pitches up first and/or the cats!)

I loved the raindrops stitch that I found on the fabulous attic24 site. It turned out to bethe perfect stitch to while away an evening. Once you’ve got started and got through the first couple of rows it really doesn’t need much concentration. I managed to get through several series of Sons of Anarchy at the same time 🙂 I am a multi tasker, ha ha.

This is our bed!

This is our bed!

I am so happy though with how it turned out. My cats are especially happy with it and are most put out when one of the kids wants to sleep on it.

Mammoth blanket

Hope you like it, think the cats have got more of the limelight than my hard work!



The joys of moving house

Although the title implies there was pleasure to be had with a house move, in truth it was horrid, not fun and caused me and hubby to be vile to each other, often with seemingly little or no provocation :/

Anyway, the decision was made last year that a house move was needed. Various reasons for this decision including the fact that we appeared to be heating a large house for two cats, large quantities of crochet, vinyl records, cd’s and some cake! So put the house on the market and 2 and half months later we moved in to our new teeny tiny cottage in the centre of Farnham Town.

Now on the one hand the house is adorable, the walk to the station is a fabulous 4-5 minutes stroll, the location of cake and wool shops is 5 mins one way and 6 the other, not to mention a record shop a further 5 minutes walk after you have purchased wool. On the other hand, we owned a staggering amount of junk and had bought a small house unable to hold even half of it!! Time to sort and declutter. After a slightly jumpy start that involved many trips to the tip as well as several tears and one (maybe two) tantrums we have really got into the flow of the decluttering process. I am pleased to confirm that we now after four weeks have somewhere to sit and somewhere for up to three people to eat, ha ha. I also finally have got my crochet out of the bag and started to work on the mammoth blanket, it needs to be finished so the cats have somewhere to shed their winter coats :/

Not the greatest shot I have ever taken but it sums up how I prioritised things in the new house 🙂



My two cats sharing a penny tiny crochet blanket, must finish making the mammoth blanket for them :)

My two cats sharing a teeny tiny crochet blanket, must finish making the mammoth blanket for them 🙂