Daisy Baby Blanket in spring rainbow colours with matching booties :)


A very dear friend has recently added a delightfully cute baby girl to the planet. As the little one was due in March I decided to make her a blanket that was inspired in part by spring and in part by a desire to eat ice cream. The colours do look so very ice creamy don’t they 🙂


The pattern for this blanket was found in a book called Boho crochet, here is a link to one shop stocking this but I did find my copy at one of those discount book shops at an outlet centre.


I didn’t follow it exactly ( I tweaked a little as I wanted to do a join as you go approach to adding my squares ) Attic24 has a lovely tutorial for this method that can be found here. Join as you go is a method, that makes granny square blankets in particular come together very very speedily. I cannot recommend it enough for those projects that require you to join many many teeny parts 🙂 I also added a border of double crochet (UK) or single crochet (US) with one row per colour, very pleasing to do and very very touchy feely too. Happy days.


The pattern for these baby tap shoes came from a book called Precious Baby Booties and can be found on Ravelry . They are a paid for pattern book and you can find many free ones but generally I have found the best shoe/bootie patterns have always been paid for.






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