Sophie’s Universe CAL 2015!! only a year late

IMG_2496Looking for a new crochet project online (whatever did we do before the internet!!) I stumbled across Sophie’s Universe CAL 2015. (Yes I know it’s 2016 now!)  Looking through various sites I found Dedri’s wonderful site “lookatwhatimade” which includes the pattern that I have decided to follow and share with you.

Bonus prizes – Dedri is very kindly leaving the pattern up indefinitely and free 🙂 lovely

I love Dedri’s approach, and in fact my blog started out with similar aspirations leaning in the main to baking, but lately has been taken over more and more by my love of making things from string 🙂

The pattern is beautifully written, and I have found it fairly straightforward to follow. The written pattern was all I used for the first three parts but once I got to part four (where I am now) it has got a bit more complicated and this is where I have used the companion tutorials to help me get a visual on what I’m trying to achieve.

These video tutorials are to be found on you tube and here is the link to the first one. These videos have been made by It’s All in a Nutshell Crochet. She has a YouTube site where all the tutorials can be found. They are done very well, nice and clear, straightforward, easy to follow 🙂 Happy days.

I decided to take progress shots as I complete each part so you can see how it shapes up. It’s been lovely to watch it change as each round has been added.

Part one: IMG_2479

Part Two:


Part Three:


The yarn I have been using is Stylecraft DK and my favourite 4.5mm hook. I didn’t take the advice of the pattern author to go down a hook size as I forgot to!! lol, I may very well pay for that later on. The pattern page has lots of suggestions on yarns to use and if you google images for Sophie’s Universe you will find loads of these online to help you choose your colour scheme.

Last but not least Dedri also has a helpful tips page for this. Highly recommend reading this first as opposed to what I did!!!

Hope you enjoy this as much as me, I am so looking forward to seeing how it turns out so I can decide who to give it to!








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