A crochet Summer

Cat Blanket!Well I may not have blogged much over the summer but I was a crochet demon. There has been a miniature baby boom this year and there is another one due next March 🙂

As my children are all grown up now and I didn’t know how to crochet when they were small it has been a real pleasure to be able to produce blankets and booties.IMG_1915

I have been amazed at how long I have maintained this hobby of mine. I do have a habit of flitting from one project to the next. Crochet has truly soothed my creative cravings and my scattered mind 🙂 Double prizes.

The baby star blanket is one of The Crochet Crowds Patterns and the pattern can be found here

The yellow blanket and Dylan’s blanket are both granny squares that have been put together using the join as you go method. The original pattern for Claire’s surprise blanket was a hexie blanket found in Simply Crochet Magazine. Can’t find the original one but they have loads on their site and ravelry has even more.

The little boys shoes are from Two girls patterns, I love these patterns. Fiddly but soo worth it.

Hope you like them as much as me,



Baby Alice's Star blanket

Baby Alice’s Star blanket

Amanda's new baby cousins' blanket

Amanda’s new baby cousins’ blanket

Claire's surprise blanket

Claire’s surprise blanket

Baby Dylan's Blanket

Baby Dylan’s Blanket


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