The Mammoth Crochet blanket is finally complete :) woo hoo for me, YAY

AgnesIt took me an absolute age to finish the monster blanket for our spare room (not really spare as used for whichever offspring pitches up first and/or the cats!)

I loved the raindrops stitch that I found on the fabulous attic24 site. It turned out to bethe perfect stitch to while away an evening. Once you’ve got started and got through the first couple of rows it really doesn’t need much concentration. I managed to get through several series of Sons of Anarchy at the same time 🙂 I am a multi tasker, ha ha.

This is our bed!
This is our bed!

I am so happy though with how it turned out. My cats are especially happy with it and are most put out when one of the kids wants to sleep on it.

Mammoth blanket

Hope you like it, think the cats have got more of the limelight than my hard work!