Lavender Lenny, the crochet bunny

Bunny on the shelfI love this bunny so much. I made a sleeping version for a friends toddler a while back (looked a little sinister, and was swiftly name Donnie Darko Bunny!) Decided I needed to have another go and follow the pattern properly and give him proper eyes. It is a Dendennis pattern. Love this guy, he has several free patterns which are great, see my previous crochet baby snuggles. I purchased this pattern by clicking the link on his site which takes you to Etsy but I believe you can also purchase via Ravelry too.

All his patterns are really straightforward and he includes lots of progress pictures so you can compare. I did mess up the ears a bit, missed out a couple of rows. Would suggest that if you need to wear reading glasses that you should in fact wear them!! lol However I think they look fine and maybe even add a little character.


Lavender lennyWas so inspired by this bunny that I have purchased a few more of his patterns. Watch this space for dragons and rhinos soon 🙂




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