The Mammoth Crochet Blanket, that I may never finish!!

In the beginning

In the beginning

As many crocheters know, we all seem to have at least one or two extra projects on the go. I am often making crochet creatures of some description. I managed to make six penguins before christmas and have sworn never to make another again. Crocheting with black yarn is a special kind of torture when your eyesight isn’t what it was! My favourite finished crochet items have always been the blankets I have made. They can take an absolute eternity to make, especially when you make ones that are destined to cover a double bed 🙂 So worth it though.

IMG_0337The blanket I am currently making has been inspired by a conversation I had with my very good friend Hazel who pointed me in the direction of Attic24. What a gloriously pleasing blog this is. A very positive place to visit and truly inspirational. I loved the raindrops pattern that Lucy created for a cushion cover. Loved it so much that I thought somewhat optimistically that it would be great as a bedspread plus a handy way to use up my half balls of various dk yarn. It is a great pattern to use up your scraps as you only ever do two rows in the same colour. I love crocheting items like this in every colour I own 🙂 Crochet seems to positively love the riot of colour approach, well I think so anyway. This pattern would work equally well with a more understated approach or the rainbow look that Lucy uses in her cushion cover on Attic 24. What has proved particularly pleasurable with this pattern is it’s an easy one to do whilst you while away an evening in front of the telly. Yes the first row or two you need to concentrate but after that you can slip into the effortless rhythm that is one of the main reasons I love to crochet.

So far, it is about half the size it needs to be but loving the look and weight of it.

Halfway through

Halfway through

Four out of Six Penguins

Four out of Six Penguins

Cannot wait to see how it turns out, photos of course to follow.






8 thoughts on “The Mammoth Crochet Blanket, that I may never finish!!

  1. I absolutely love this. I too follow Lucy at Attic 24 and have seen her cushion design but doesn’t it look fantastic as a blanket. So many gorgeous colours..Wow ! You should be very pleased 🙂

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    • Hello,
      well there’s a question. Honestly I’m not sure as I made this blanket a few years ago now and don’t recall having a slanting issue. I’m in between projects at the moment so I’ll have a go at the pattern again and see if I can see what I did 👍😜

    • Hi, well I have been looking at this pattern this afternoon. Mine hasn’t slanted and I think it’s because of the location of the very first stitch. It is vital this is placed in the first stitch not in the chain or one over. Lucy’s picture in the how to guide where she pops a needle in to show placement is where it needs to go. Because you turn on each row it can feel that the drops are going in slightly off but when you turn they are the right way round. My first row was a little tight so I do think the pattern would benefit from a foundation row too. Hope this helps, good luck 😀

      • Thank so much for taking the time to have a look and for getting back to me. My mum and I have been trying to get it right all afternoon – but we put it away after we got so frustrated. I’ll have another look at that first stitch placement tomorrow morning (with fresh eyes) before I try and help mum again. Hopefully my kids will give me some crochet time 😉 thanks again x

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