Crochet Topsy Turvy Cinderella doll

Magic CinderellaI was on the hunt for something different to crochet. Although I am always happy to while away an evening making a giant bedspread (been making the same one for months now) I do like to have one or two other projects on the go, can get a teensy bit bored of doing the same stitch over and over.

I was reminiscing as one does, about the inside out dolls that we used to have when we were kids. I turned to trusty Ravelry for some inspiration and hopefully a pattern. You can get free and pay for patterns here, brilliant site that I use a lot. There are several topsy turvy dolls to be found, the one I chose can be found here and is called Magic Cinderella. The pattern is American so all sc, single crochets are in fact UK dc, double crochet. Lots of conversion charts online, the one I use a lot is on an Aussie site and can be found here. Very, very nice blog, lots of lovely patterns as well as handy hints to be found too.

Princess Cinderella

Princess Cinderella

Poor Cinderella

Poor Cinderella




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