Paul Hollywoods Great British Bake off technical challenge – Kouign Amann

IMG_0742 Along with the rest of the nation, my family and I watched The Great British Bake Off, September 17th episode. This featured a technical challenge that required a certain degree of skill in even pronouncing the item they were baking!

Kouign Amann is something I have never come across before, and as we found on the programme neither had any of the bakers. Inspired to try and bake something new and also persuaded by my first born (he wanted to know what they tasted like) I decided to have a go. I do have the current bake off book which is pretty much for sale everywhere but you can also go onto the BBC website for all the bake off news and recipes from each episode 🙂

IMG_0705The recipe for Kouign Amann can be found here

I would stress that you need to read the recipe thoroughly, it is an unusual one. Having said that, it is also a recipe using ingredients you are likely to already have in your cupboards, especially if you bake your own bread.

The other tips (bearing in mind I have made these just once) is that as you have sugar on these they will scorch. The recipe recommends that these are covered with foil halfway through to prevent this. I had run out and you can see how much mine caught from the pictures. You also need to set aside a lot of time, each stage doesn’t take long but you have lots of resting time in between stages. I would suggest that this is the perfect recipe to do on a day when you have lots to do round the house. I was a cleaning demon that day 🙂


These little creations taste yummy, sort of danish pastry/chelsea bun .They taste lovely warm or cold but my preference is definitely eat them warm. I would think the recipe will work well with some sultanas pushed through it, although I’m sure Mr Hollywood would pout and shake his head at me!! Heigh ho, give it a go 🙂

Kouign AmannIMG_0751





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