Crochet Creatures

Chester's Elephant Snuggle Luckily, several friends have recently added to their families so I have been able to legitimately crochet cuddly toys. My favourites at the moment are snugglies. Simply put they are crochet heads with a blanket for the body. The pictures will better explain! So far, out of the three I made, one has already found it’s new home with 5 month old Ellen-Rose. Very pleased to report that this item resulted in the most fun that baby has had in ages!! 🙂 Not that she has had a huge amount of life experience to compare it with, ha ha 🙂  I have to thank Dendennis Amigurumist for the pattern which is available on his website and he can also be found on facebook. I adapted the pattern to create a bunny head for the second one. I didn’t write down what I did 😦 so may never be able to make another one. Silly me.

Looking forward to seeing babies, Chester and Brooke to give them their new toys 🙂

Snuggles for Chester and Brooke

Snuggles for Chester and Brooke


2 thoughts on “Crochet Creatures

    • Bless you, sweet thing. Every creature that I have made so far has found a home already. Not sure I would ever be able to generate enough for a stall!! 🙂 I am sure your xmas fair will be excellent Lx

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