Had a go at making a crochet poncho, one of the easiest patterns I have ever followed. YAY :)

As most keen crocheters know, there is always the problem of what to do with my yarn leftovers. There are so many gorgeous wool/yarns to buy but certain members of this household feel (rightly or wrongly) that one should really use up the yarn that I have. It has also been suggested that I may have a “yarn problem”.

Anyway, looking online for inspiration I came across Bobwilson123. An Australian site run by a lovely lady. I first stumbled across this on youtube but regularly use her website now, especially making use of the fabulous helpful crochet information pages, so very, very useful.

As my niece was coming to visit I looked for things to make for children and hey presto found these poncho patterns . The following picture is the one I made for my five year old niece with all my leftover dk yarn. Really pleased with it, as was the small person.

Kids poncho

As always,