Vanilla fudge – scrummy

Have decided to make fudge this afternoon, mainly as a thank you to our lovely neighbours. I suspect I may have to make another batch or two to take to work and leave for the offspring.

The recipe that I have used and not messed with at all, as it is pretty perfect is from the River Cottage Every Day book ( buy it, tis awesome and splendiferous )

Right first things first, you do need one item of specialist equipment. Panic not, it’s easy to find and use. Sugar Thermometer – essential and can be bought from a good kitchen type shop, not too expensive. I got mine from my local fabulous kitcheny type shopomobob . Love the shop, it is filled to the rafters with all the things I need and many I do not!! Plus if you ever need help the ladies who work there are super knowledgable and helpful. The other useful item will be an electric hand whisk, not essential but the end bit of the method will be a bit laborious without one (although could be considered a mini cardio workout if necessary!!)


  • 300g caster sugar
  • 1 tablespoon golden syrup
  • 100g unsalted butter cut up into chunks
  • 100ml double cream
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract



  • According to the river cottage book you need to lightly oil a 15 x 22 cm baking dish. I forgot to oil my dish once and the fudge stil lifted out beautifully once it was chilled. Patience here is the key, if you try and lift it to soon it won’t come out neatly.
  • In a heavy base pan put your cream, sugar, syrup and butter. Make sure that these ingredients only go a third of the way up the pan as once this mixture is boiling it will bubble up a fair bit. Heat these ingredients together stirring all the time over a gentle heat until the sugar is dissolved and the butter melted.
  • STOP stirring and place your sugar thermometer into your pan. Crank up the heat and watch closely. Once your thermometer hits 116 degrees C, take it off the heat and leave alone for 10 minutes.
  • Ok, now you will need an electric whisk for this bit. The mixture needs to be whisked until the fudge becomes thick and slightly grainy. This can take up to 10 minutes but so far every time I have done this it has taken only a couple of minutes.
  • Pour your fudge mix into your prepared dish, spread it evenly and then place in a fridge for a good 3 hours to firm up. When the fudge is still on the warm side you can mark out your squares to be cut up later but it is fairly easy to chop so worry not if you forget.
  • Once your squares are cut up, pop them into an air tight container and keep them in the fridge. Try not to eat them all on the first day, you will feel sick. Best to share them 🙂



P.S Although this recipe is fine and dandy and needs no messing. I did in fact mess with it a bit as my available ingredients were not quite as prescribed, so I replaced part of the sugar with fruit sugar and replaced the vanilla extract with vanilla bean paste. I think the vanilla bean paste definitely adds a certain something something. I am looking forward to making a rum and raisin version. Lx


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