Lemon Curd – made with fruit sugar

Well long time no blog. Apologies to my 2 followers!!!

I have been cooking, just failing at blogging about it!

This afternoon I decided to make some lemon curd. I haven’t made it for ages ( because I tend to eat it all straight from the jar ) , but having caught the back end of a Hairy Bikers ( not literally! ) cookery programme the other day and saw their Lemon curd and Blueberry muffins I felt inspired.

Well fairly early on in this afternoons endeavors I stumbled across a problem. No caster sugar. I seem to have every other type of sugar in fact except caster sugar. So as it is still snowy outside I decide to improvise with the fruit sugar that I have for my tea. Apparently you only need two thirds of your usual amount and as long as you use a lower temperature you can cook with it. Check out the Tate and Lyle website for recipe ideas http://www.tasteandsmile.co.uk/recipe/cakes-and-biscuits/victoria-sandwich-made-fruit-sugar .

Right here is the recipe for Yummy Lemon Curd.


4 lemons

100g butter

4 eggs – the best you can find – I like Burford Browns for this recipe as they have a really rich colour yolk.

350g caster sugar.


In a double boiler ( a bowl that you can place over a saucepan of simmering water ) place the juice and zest of all the lemons. Cut the butter into small cubes and add that and the eggs and sugar to the bowl. So far so simple.

Place over your ready simmering water and stir until the sugar disolves. Heat gently without boiling for 20 minutes. You can give it the occasional stir. Keep an eye on it as you don’t want to boil the mixture. Once you have your mixture ready strain it into jars. You will have around 700g of curd so one large or two small jars should be enough. The curd can then be stored in the fridge for two weeks.

This curd is lovely on white bread and butter, spooned liberally from the jar. It is also adorable served in an espresso cup and saucer! Om nom nom.

This recipe came from a revised and updated Good Housekeeping Step by Step Cook Book I recently purchased. I still own and use the one my Mum gave me when I left home (1957 edition). It is looking decidedly dog eared so when I spotted the new and shiny copy in a sale I had to have it.



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