Welcome to my baking/family/crochet blog!

Hello my name is Lorna (slightly exhausted mother of three youths, wife to one husband, who happens to be a rather marvellous and all round good guy).

This blog was created because I rather like to cook. Due to the number of people in my household I am obliged to cook often, as they always appear to be starving!!!

My particular food lust is baking, bread in particular, but over the years I have got more and more intersted in all sorts of cooking. Thanks in part to programmes like Masterchef Australia as well as The Great British Bake Off. They have inspired me to try things that I haven’t baked since school or not baked at all.

I intend to write about recipes that have inspired me as well as failsafe recipes that never let me down. I will always reference the original if I have it. I often tweak recipes slightly but will try and include the original information as well as my additions. Over time I also hope to include the additions my family have made to our original hand written clark family handbook which contain fascinating details like how we like to cook our eggs!

2013/14 I have added crochet to my passions. Oh how I wish I had discovered crochet when my children were small. No matter, I have been making crochet items for friends who have recently been adding to their families as well as producing a small line of creatures for my sisters school. I have also made a selection of blankets for grown up offspring and a mega blanket for my bed. Love it.




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